January 30, 2024

The Logo Development Process

The Logo Development Process

While on a Zoom call, Kathy, Nicole, and Mandi were trying to determine what kind of image would encapsulate the mission of Changing A Destiny.

They knew that it should show that the focus of this mission would be about God – everything would be done with God’s guidance and for God’s glory. They also knew that it should reflect God’s love for us, and how He wants us to give love to others… especially the young children of Kilifi County, Kenya. Finally, they wanted the logo to represent that, ultimately, this work would lead to these children’s eternal life with Him.

That brainstorming session led them to incorporate the cross, a heart, and the infinity symbol.

Here’s how this idea progressed…

We started with a zoom call and created some rough sketches.

The first design of the logo was created.

The second iteration of the logo was created.

The final logo and tagline took its final form.