The purpose of collecting the shoes is to help the local resource center, Life Choices to help local families in need. Parents come to the resource center looking for shoes and boots for their children. The rest of the retrofitted shoes are rubber band or tied together and put 25 pairs of shoes in to one plastic clear bag. Once 100 bags 2,500 shoes are received, those bags are shipped to Florida and then off to Third World countries. The families are taught how to clean them and put new laces into the shoes. They then set up shop on the side of the road to start their own shoe selling business. This not only helps support their families, but it is teaching them the value of money. Not only do the people who receive the shoes benefit from this mission, but it also teaches children to recycle and reuse shoes.

Shoe Drive

Where to Donate?

Where you can drop off your donated shoes:

  • KK Photography
    300 Main Street, Waterford WI
  • Innovative Fitness
    8800 S 102nd St, Franklin WI

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Life Choices

Their Mission

Life Choices provides Christ-centered help to individuals seeking pregnancy and parenting related resources while protecting life through spiritual, physical and emotional support.

Life Choices