Meet Our Board of Directors

Kathy Kohl

CEO & Executive Director

Kathy is one of the founders, she oversees the administration, programs, budgeting, and plans for the U.S. and Kenya organizations, including community outreach, fundraising, and management. She owns KK Photography, is very active with Explore Waterford, and was on the board for Life Choices. She is married to Dave and has two sons. In 1999, she began a relationship with Jesus. Her passion for helping local and global charities led to a 2017 trip to Kenya. That is when she first met Nicole, Tom, and Raymond.

Mandi North

President (U.S.)

Mandi is married to Craig and has two adult sons. As President, she is involved in all planning, fundraising, and marketing activities. She has extensive teaching and marketing experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Changing A Destiny is blessed to have her on our Board of Directors.

David D. Kohl

Treasurer (U.S.)

Dave manages weekly finances, bookkeeping, and end-of-year tax letters. He also assists with fundraising planning and execution. He has 25 years in the manufacturing industry and is a Six Sigma black belt. He is an expert at waste removal and streamlining processes. Dave loves ice fishing on the frozen lakes of Wisconsin. He is married to Kathy Kohl, and they have two adult sons. They are blessed to have great friends and family.

Nicole Atieno

Founder, President (Kenya/Community Based Organization)

Nicole’s role is to maintain communication and network with her community and coordinate projects in Kenya for the land purchase and building construction. She is in daily prayer for the organization’s staff, volunteers, goals, and activities. When the school building project is completed, she will teach and oversee school activities and serve as pastor for church services on Sundays. She is a mentor and friend to women in their spiritual journeys. Nicole is married to Tom Mboya, and they have five children, including Raymond, who they brought home from an orphanage in 2017.

Tom Mboya

Vice Chairman (Kenya/Community Based Organization)

A born-again Christian, his goal in life is to positively impact lives. Tom was instrumental in obtaining our charity’s registration certificate. When the school is completed, he will be the school’s land keeper and maintenance man. A driver for a building company in Kenya by trade, Tom is involved in board decisions and is very supportive of Nicole as they work to help the under privileged in their community. Tom has been happily married to Nicole Atieno for 10 years.

Ken Oimo

Secretary (Kenya/Community Based Organization)

Ken has done so much to create a better future for Kenyans who are in need. His role is to help organize projects and maintain documentation for Changing a Destiny in Kenya. He is involved in decision-making for the future of CAD, attending meetings for land purchases, building efforts and other activities. He is married to Linet Akoth and works for a pharmaceutical company in Kenya.