September 6, 2017

How did it all start?

Changing a Destiny was born out of love for a baby boy that Kathy Kohl met in an orphanage while on a mission trip to Kilifi County, Kenya in 2017. He was left in a trash bag alongside the road right after he was born. By God’s mercy, a stranger found him, took him to the hospital, and he eventually ended up in the orphanage.

Kathy visited Raymond three times and really bonded with him. After she returned home, her Kenyan friend, Nicole, visited Raymond for her. Nicole sent photos and videos so Kathy could see that he was healthy and safe.

Seeing a photo of Nicole‘s husband, Tom, holding this sweet little baby, God placed it on Kathy’s heart to ask them to adopt Raymond. Her Bible study group prayed with Kathy about asking them. A woman in my group graciously volunteered to pay all the adoption fees if they agreed. They all cried tears of joy. It truly was an answered prayer and confirmation that Kathy needed to ask.

The day Kathy asked Nicole to adopt Raymond, she said that God had already put the idea in their hearts. They adopted baby Raymond, and it’s been three years. Kathy has been able to watch him grow into a healthy, happy boy. He loves his big sister Gloria. She’s happy God answered her prayer for a baby brother.

Nicole and Kathy would love to be able to give more children, like Raymond, the same chance. They believe that starts with an education and finding faith. Without an education and guidance, children can fall into the clutches of criminal gangs, trafficking, slavery, or the militia.

God has placed it on their hearts to build a school to help educate and feed underprivileged children in Kilifi County to positively affect the future generation.

Nicole and Tom started a nonprofit in Kenya with the support of their board of directors. The board members are experienced in purchasing the land for other nonprofits, and they will help find the right builders for the three-room school. Funds need to be raised to pay for basic school supplies and equipment and a meal program. The children will eat before they return home in the early afternoon. Nicole will have the afternoons to prepare for the next school lesson. The children will be taught the love of Jesus each morning. The school will be turned into a church for the families each Sunday where Nicole will preach the gospel.

This is where you come in. Will you join us?